How to use stickers in iMessage – Soul of iOS 10 with game and stickers

How to use stickers in iMessage – Soul of iOS 10 with game and stickers

After several beta tests, the final iOS 10 officially also came to users with many updated. But the biggest change that can be realized is the iMessage feature in the default messaging app.

iMessage is the heart and soul of iOS 10 this time, and apparently, Apple is moving aggressively to re-engage users from Facebook Messenger. in this part I will talk about Stickers and Applications on iMessage. Right next to the message input frame is an arrow icon, which will appear three icons of the auxiliary features, namely image insertion, digital touch and Application (icon identical to the App Store). Click on the icon “A”.

At the next screen are the effects, the sticker you recently used. Click on the grid icon (4 dot oval) in the lower left corner of the screen, then select Store.

We can see how Apple has taken great care for iMessage, as it has an entire store of applications, dedicated stickers, and looks like the miniature App Store.

To use, just touch your favorite sticker and press submit button.

Or to be quicker and more interesting, you can keep the sticker for long until it grows, then drag and drop them into the conversation with your friends.


or seach any stickers you love to install it on the iMessage app store


so that user experience stickers pack or emoji stickers to conversation by visuals images, that amazing chat on iMessage!